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Open Board Meeting – 24th November 2020

We have decided to open our Board meetings to observers in the interests of transparency.

Thank you for your interest in the CCRC and in being an observer at the next CCRC Board meeting.

We have decided to open our Board meetings to observers in the interests of transparency. This note explains more about the CCRC Board, how open meetings will work and how to register to be an observer.
The first open CCRC Board meeting will start at 10am on 24th November 2020.

About the Board of CCRC

The Board of the CCRC focusses on delivering the Commission’s strategic priorities including reviewing business performance, financial and strategic planning, governance arrangements and risk management. It does not consider or make decisions in CCRC cases.

The Board consists of: CCRC Chairman Helen Pitcher, who chairs Board meetings; the Chief Executive; the Director of Casework Operations; the Director of Finance & Corporate Services; three CCRC Commissioners who serve on the Board as non-executive directors; and three external independent Non-executive Directors (iNeds). Details of the individuals in these positions can be found in the About Us section of our website at

There will be other people present at the Board meeting. These may include CCRC secretariat staff taking minutes of the meeting and anyone else (usually CCRC staff) who are there to present or contribute to an agenda item.

Who can take part in the open meeting?

Anyone really; members of the public, members of the Press or people from campaign groups and so on.

How can I register to attend a virtual committee meeting?

If you email us at and provide your full name, details of any organization you represent, and the best email address for correspondence, we will acknowledge your email and, several days before the meeting, we will send further information including the Zoom link and a draft agenda for the meeting.

Registration will close on 17th November – seven days before the meeting on 24th November. We can comfortably accommodate up to 50 observers. If more people are interested, we may have to decline registrations. If that happens it will be a matter of first come first served. Places will be allocated to individuals who contact us to register; we will not be taking block bookings.

How can I join the online meeting?

Access to the meeting will be by Zoom, which is secure, online meeting software. To join the meeting you will need log in details provided by us and:

  • A device – a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet, on which you can access Zoom. (You can find and download the Zoom application for free by searching the internet for “Zoom app”)
  • A good broadband connection to the internet
  • A private location from which to take part in the meeting

Can I put a question to the CCRC Board?

People who join the meeting online will do so as observers. They will be able to watch and listen as the Board members hold the meeting. However, they will not be able to take part in discussions with the Board members during the meeting. (Observers will be asked to keep their cameras and microphones off during the meeting).

What if I want to ask a question?

If you have any questions during the meeting, you can contact the CCRC meeting coordinator using the chat function in Zoom. They will do their best to answer your question or to make sure it goes to someone who can respond. We will try to answer questions about the meeting as soon as we reasonably can. Please keep in mind this is not a forum for asking questions about individual cases and we will not respond to questions of that kind.

If you have any questions about arrangements for the meeting you can email them to and we will respond as soon as we can.