The Potential Impact of Legal Aid Cuts

This project is exploring the potential impact of changes to funding for legal aid in criminal cases on the content of applications to the CCRC, and whether changes to legal aid have affected the number of CCRC applicants obtaining legal representation.

  • The scoping stage of this project has been completed and team from Sussex University (see below) announced in September 2018 that they had been awarded ESRC funding to embark uponin depth qualitative research to explore levels of legal representation, the quality of applications being made to the CCRC and the use of evidence in such applications.


Prof Richard Vogler, Dr Lucy Welsh, Dr Liz McDonnell and Dr Susann Wiedlitzka have responded to a call to conduct research on behalf of the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC). The CCRC sought suitably qualified contractors to explore the effects of Legal Aid changes on applicant representation. The CCRC will report any relevant findings to the appropriate public bodies and agencies as part of its remit to disseminate such information to key stakeholders to improve the criminal justice system and prevent miscarriages of justice.


The information in italics was taken from the University of Sussex website on 31 July 2017.