Arrival 9.30am to 10am

Delegates arrive and register – coffee and Danish

10.00am A word of welcome from Sir Christopher Bellamy, Chair of Competition Practice at Linklaters.

10.05am Introduction and Housekeeping from event Chair Reeta Chakrabarti.

Session One 10.10am to 11.30am

In this session we propose not only to take stock of the role that the CCRC has played over the last 20 years, but also to survey the wider justice system as regards what has changed for better, or for worse, and address the question of whether our justice system is better today at delivering safe convictions than it was 20 years ago. 


10.10am to 10.30am: Lord Burnett of Maldon, The Lord Chief Justice


10.35am to 11.35am: Panel discussion


Professor Michael Zander – member of the Runciman Commission

Chris Mullin – former MP and campaigner

Sir David Calvert-Smith QC – former DPP and former Parole Board Chair

Dr Sharon Persaud  – CCRC Commissioner

Michael O’Brien – wrongly convicted of murder

Coffee break 11.35am to 12:00 noon

Session two 12 noon to 1.15pm

In this session we will be exploring the current state of play in the criminal justice system and ask: “What / where are the current sources of injustice and miscarriage of justice?”, “What does a modern miscarriage of justice look like?”, “What role does science and technology play today?” and “What should be our priorities for change?”


12:00 noon to 12.10pm: Richard Foster CBE, Chair of the CCRC

12.10pm to 12.20pm: Felicity Gerry QC


12.25pm to 1.25pm: Panel discussion


Richard Foster –  Chair of the CCRC

Felicity Gerry QC – Carmelite Chambers

Sir Henry Brooke – The Bach Commission

Andrew Rennison – CCRC Commissioner

John Kamara – wrongly convicted of murder

Lunch 1.25pm to 2.25pm – buffet served

Session three 2.25pm to 4.00 / 4.30pm

The future of the criminal justice system and the CCRC’s role within it. This will be a forward looking session looking at the central practical and policy challenges. Where are the likely danger areas in the years ahead: resourcing, science and technology, or somewhere else? Looking forward, what else will the CCRC and the wider system need to do to guard against miscarriages, and to remedy them when they do arise?



2.25pm to 2.35pm:  Professor David Ormerod QC, Law Commissioner

2.35pm to 2.45pm:  Professor Angela Gallop, CEO of Forensic Access


2.50pm to 3.50pm: Panel Discussion


Professor David Ormerod QC – Law Commissioner

Professor Angela Gallop – CEO Forensic Access

Richard Heaton – Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Justice

Alexandra Marks CBE – CCRC Commissioner

Rt. Hon. Dominic Grieve QC MP – Former Attorney General

Closing remarks 3.50pm to 4.15pm

3.50pm to 4.00pm: Reeta Chakrabarti – Summing up

4.00pm:  Karen Kneller, CCRC Chief Executive – Closing remarks to 20th Anniversary Conference.


Drinks reception