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Inside Time and National Prison Radio

We do a lot of work with the monthly magazine that goes to all prisoners. Inside Time publishes frequent stories and adverts about us and the work that we do. We also get involved in frequent campaigns with National Prison Radio (NPR).

Latest stories from Inside Time


1 October 2021
Covid cases – what sentencing principles should I be aware of?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many things surrounding the way we live our lives. The biggest impact within the criminal justice system is that it has made custody conditions more severe, due to the prolonged periods of time prisoners are spending in cells. 

1 June 2021
Another CCRC referral to the Appeal Court 

We know that many of you want more details about the types of cases the CCRC refers to the Appeal Court. The case has been anonymised due to the applicant’s age and vulnerability. 

31 March 2021
Fact or Fiction: The Appeal Court could double your sentence if you appeal?

It’s fiction! It’s highly unlikely that the Appeal Court will double your sentence if you appeal. You may have heard about something called ‘loss of time order’ or ‘loss of time direction’, but do you know what it means? You can also read about coercive control in this article.

8 March 2021
CCRC: “too deferential” and lacking “rigour”

The official body charged with investigating potential miscarriages of justice is “too deferential” to the courts and lacks “rigour” in some of its work, an inquiry has found.

31 January 2021
New applications welcome

There has been a lot in the news recently about Covid-19 related problems in the justice system and particularly about delays to tens of thousands of court cases. They are shocking statistics, but there is no need to be worried about Covid causing delays at the CCRC. 


21 December 2020
CCRC calls for review of jury system

The watchdog which investigates miscarriages of justice has raised concerns over the system of jury trials and called for a review of possible alternatives.

1 October 2020
On the case again

This is the third year in a row that we have teamed up with the people at NPR to create programmes that are about the CCRC and what we do, but also about some particular issues that could be important to people who are thinking of appealing or, if they’ve already lost an appeal, are thinking of applying to us at the CCRC.

1 September 2020
‘Sally Arsenic’ goes back to the CCRC!

Historic murder conviction set for review by miscarriages commission. Conclusion may take some time, however, as case of hanged woman considered ‘low priority’.

2019 and earlier

30 August 2019
Murder and coercive control – is your conviction safe?

In last months issue of Inside Time the Criminal Cases Review Commission commented upon the successful appeal of Sally Challen, whose murder conviction for the killing of her husband was overturned on the basis of diminished responsibility. Over the years leading up to the killing, she had been the victim of her husband’s coercive and controlling behaviour.

28 July 2017
Appeals – Applying to the CCRC about your sentence

After our last column, one Inside Time reader wrote from a young offenders’ institution to ask a question about whether he had “reasonable grounds” to appeal against his sentence. In his letter he set out the reasons why he believes his sentence is “excessive”.

What’s on National Prison Radio

We also take part in campaigns on National Prison Radio, where we recently talked about what it is we do and two big cases featuring Winston Trew and Seema Misra. Hear the latest from National Prison Radio