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The CCRC investigates possible miscarriages of justice and sends some cases back to the appeal courts. We recognise that in most cases where there has been a crime, there will be a victim of crime.

The Commission takes very seriously its responsibilities to victims of crime or to the families of victims. We will always think carefully about how and when we should contact victims or their families to let them know that we have become involved in their case.

  • We will always try to inform a victim or their family if we are referring a case for appeal. We will try to do that, usually through a local police contact, before we refer the case to the court so that the person hears it from us first and does not find out about it from anyone else.


  • We will not usually try to contact the victim in a case just because we have received an application in relation to the conviction. This is because in most cases our involvement will not lead to an appeal and there is no need to warn the victim that the convicted person has applied to us. However, we will tell the victim if we think there is a reasonable chance that they may find out that we are looking at a case though the media or through another source.


If you want more details about how the CCRC interacts with victims of crime in its cases, you can find more in our policy here.

If a victim of crime involved in a CCRC case believes that the way in which we have dealt with them does not match what we say in that policy, they can complain using the complaints procedure and our Customer Service Manager will take an independent look at the matter.

The CCRC is one of the organisations which has to provide services under the Victims’ Code. The Victims’ Code can be found here.

The Victims’ Commissioner for England and Wales is dedicated to promoting the interests of victims and witnesses. The Victims’ Commissioner’s website here has more information about the role of the Commissioner and help and support for victims.

If you have been a victim of crime you can get information and support by contacting the Victims Information Service on 0808 168 9293 or This is a national service to which calls from landlines are free. They help victims of crime to understand what to expect from the criminal justice system and help them find out what support services are available in their own area.