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How do I apply?

If you lost your appeal and want to apply to us, applications need to be made in writing using our online application form or by sending a form by post.

The form is not a test and we have tried to make it as easy as we can.

You must have been convicted in a criminal court in England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

You can ask us to look at your conviction, your sentence, or both. It is a free service and costs nothing to apply.

You can apply to the CCRC online and by post
You can apply online or via post

Remember, there needs to be significant new evidence or a new legal argument for us to be able to refer your case to an appeal court. And it must be something not already heard by the court.

Your application is your chance to tell us everything wrong with your conviction or sentence.

Someone else can apply for you. If so, we will contact you to check that you want us to investigate your case.

Apply online

When you submit the online form you will get an email saying we have received it. This is usually within 5 working days of your online submission. After that, you can email any other documents you think will help us.

You can’t save the online form and come back to it, so please read through the PDF version and collect all your information before filling it in.

Apply online

Apply by post

You can apply by post.

Contact us and we can post an application form to you.

Or you can download and print off the PDF application form

If you fill out a paper application form you must sign it before sending it back to us.