We worked with the Prison Radio Association to make this film for prisoners, their families and supporters to explain what the CCRC is and what we do.


We are making it available as part of the trial of new digital services for prisoners at HMP Berwyn and HMP Wayland. We hope that before too long it will be available more widely within the prison estate along with other CCRC information for prisoners.

It features Mr Michael O’Brien who spent 11 years an 43 days in prison after being wrongly convicted for murder. Michael was convicted in 1988. Having lost an earlier appeal, he applied to the CCRC when it opened in 1997. We investigated and a year later referred the case for appeal.  As a result, Michael and his two co-defendants had their convictions quashed and they walked free from the Court of Appeal in 1999.

Michael describes himself as a survivor rather than a victim of miscarriage of justice. We are very grateful to him for agreeing to take part in the film and for giving his time so generously to help make it.

As Michael say in the film, the CCRC can’t help everyone, but his is one of 650 cases we have referred for appeal so far.  This is his survivor’s story.