The CCRC has adapted to the Covid-19 related restrictions in place since March 2020. In line with the current guidance, our staff and Commissioners are, where possible, working from home. Key staff are attending the office to maintain core functions that allow the rest of us to work effectively using remote systems; we continue to work on our existing cases, to refer cases for appeal, and we are still welcoming new applications.

Our switchboard (0121 233 1473 and local rate 0300 456 2669) is taking and distributing calls as usual and taking messages where necessary. All staff and Commissioners have access to their individual work email addresses and emails sent to general addresses such as and hr@ are being dealt with and post sent to our office is being opened and distributed as usual.

All our staff and Commissioners are equipped to work from home with secure remote access to our network and we now routinely use secure meeting platforms to hold meetings that, pre-Covid, would have taken place in person. Staff and Commissioners attend the office if circumstances require it. In these ways we are able to operate at, or close to, our normal levels.

The CCRC will continue to monitor the situation and we will use this space on our website to give general updates about the status of the CCRC during the Covid-19 situation.