CCRC Statement on the Randox Situation

The CCRC has made sure that it is fully informed of developments in the Randox situation.

Since the issues first emerged we have been liaising with both the Crown Prosecution Service and the Forensic Science Regulator.

We have remained alive to the fact that there could be a significant number of cases, of varying types, where the reliability of Randox test results could raise questions about the safety of criminal convictions.

With that in mind we have asked that the CPS makes clear the role of the CCRC in any correspondence it has with people whose convictions may be affected by these issues. We have also asked for assurance from the CPS that we will be informed about conviction cases causing particular concern and have offered the benefit of our experience and expertise with miscarriages of justice in the process of assessing the potential impact of Randox results on the safety of convictions.

Given the situation as set out in the Ministerial Statement and at the joint NPCC and FSR press conference, it is clear that the situation has the potential to generate a considerable number of cases for the CCRC as the independent statutory body responsible for reviewing potential miscarriages of justice.

At this stage there is no way of accurately assessing how many, or what types of cases will come our way, but we are alive to the situation and we continue to liaise with both the Crown Prosecution Service and the Forensic Science Regulator.