We are in the process of changing all our email addresses. This means that if you use any CCRC email address that ends like this: …@ccrc.x.gsi.gov.uk, you will need to change to a new, simpler address that ends like this: …@ccrc.gov.uk.

If you regularly correspond by email with someone at the CCRC, you will simply need to reply to an email sent by them after 19th January 2021.

If you use a general CCRC email address such as info@ccrc…, press@ccrc…, or HR@ccrc…, you will need to make sure that your next email to any of those addresses is sent to HR@ccrc.gov.uk, press@ccrc.gov.uk info@ccrc.gov.uk and so on.

Emails to our old address will be delivered until 31st March 2021 but will stop after that.

The new addresses will be just as secure as the old .x.gsi system addresses which are being discontinued because of improvements in email security.