CCRC statistics

Casework statistics

The CCRC started work in April 1997. Between then and the end of April 2019 it has:

  • Referred 664 cases
  • Of the 654 cases where appeals have been heard by the courts, 439 appeals have been allowed and 202 dismissed*
  • 650 cases are currently under review at the Commission and 151 are awaiting review

So far we have received a total of 25,006 applications (including all ineligible cases) and completed 24,204 cases.

*The difference between the total number of CCRC referrals heard by the appeal courts and the number of outcomes recorded is accounted for by cases where the appeal proceedings have been heard but the judgement is awaited and a number of cases that were referred by the CCRC but the appeal was abandoned.

Other performance indicators

Click this link to see an up to date set of the Commission’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The definition of each KPI can be found in appendix two of the Commission’s current Business Plan here.