CCRC casework statistics

Case numbers

The CCRC started work in April 1997. Between then and the end of April 2021 it has:

  • Referred 762 cases
  • Of the 747 cases where appeals have been heard by the courts, 520 appeals have been allowed and 214 dismissed*
  • 612 cases are currently under review at the Commission and 138 are awaiting consideration

Since starting work in 1997, we have so far received a total of 27,466 applications (including all ineligible cases) and completed 26,715 cases.

Casework timelines

All cases

We aim to complete a minimum of 80% of cases within 12 months of receiving the application. The graph below shows the position at the end of February 2021 when 88.15% of cases where applicants are in custody (in blue), and 71.91% of cases where applicants are at liberty (in brown), are being completed within 12 months.


Cases allocated for review

We aim to make a decision within 30 weeks of a case review beginning (i.e. from when a case is allocated to a Case Review Manager). The graph below shows the position as at the end of February 2021, when the average time taken for a review of the case of an applicant in custody was 28.01 weeks. For cases involving applicants at liberty it was 49.18 weeks.





Long-running cases

We count a case as long running if it has been under review for more than 24 months. We pay close attention to such cases to ensure that they are not taking longer than is justifiable.

The graph below shows the number and age of cases categorised as long running at the end of February 2021 and breaks them down by cases where the applicants are at liberty (shown in brown) and in custody (shown in blue).


*The difference between the total number of CCRC referrals heard by the appeal courts and the number of outcomes recorded is accounted for by cases where the appeal proceedings have been heard but the judgement is awaited and a number of cases that were referred by the CCRC but the appeal was abandoned.

Other performance indicators

Click this link to see more on the Commission’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). A full definition of each KPI can be found in appendix two of the Commission’s current Business Plan here.