Chief Executive and Directors

The day-to-day running of the Commission is the responsibility of the Chief Executive, Miss Karen Kneller. Karen is supported in this by Mrs Amanda Pearce, Interim Director of Casework Operations, and Mr Peter Ryan, Finance & Corporate Services Director. Together they make up the Senior Management Team.

Chief Executive

Karen Kneller, a barrister, is our Chief Executive and Accounting Officer. Karen is responsible for safeguarding the public funds allocated to the Commission, and for ensuring propriety and regularity in the handling of those public funds. She is also responsible for the day-to- day operations and management of the Commission. Karen is assisted in discharging these duties as the Commission’s Accounting Officer by the Director of Casework Operations and the Finance & Corporate Services Director.


Amanda Pearce, is our Interim Director of Casework Operations. Amanda is responsible for the day to day running of casework operations ensuring that the Commission achieves its key casework aims and objectives. Amanda is also responsible for ensuring the smooth running of casework related policy and procedures.

Peter Ryan is our Finance & Corporate Services Director. He has overall responsibility for financial management and control. He oversees the provision of corporate services including strategic oversight of human resources, IT, information management and the management of risk within the Commission.